International Move 4 Things You Should Know Before Insuring

International move can be great if you take into account the following considerations that will save you from undergoing huge losses incase of an accident or unforeseen calamity during the moving process.

Type of Risk
Know the type of risk that is covered by your insurance policy. Often, people make the mistake of assuming that their insurance policy will cover for all manner of risks ranging from fire to accidents to theft. They usually forget that insurance policies are designed for different needs depending on the terms of the policy and the needs of the client.
It is only by reading through the policy and understanding its details that you will be able to determine the type of risk that your policy extends to. Doing this will also prevent you from incurring losses in the event of a calamity during the moving process.

Ask questions
It is important to ask questions that relate to your insurance cover before proceeding to sign it. Talk to your agents about the nature of the policy and ask them to explain to you anything that might not be clear at the time of entering into the agreement. This is important as it will help you understand issues such as the date when premium is supposed to be paid together with the date on which the policy will expire.

Know the total value of your goods
More often than not, insurance companies will ask you for the “guestimate” or the total value of the goods that you seek to insure. Although this might be hard to determine right away, it is essential for you to have an estimate that is as close as possible to the actual value of your goods in order to get the best type of insurance.
Knowing this will be beneficial when it comes to calculating the amount of premium that you need to pay and also the amount of refund that the company will pay you should the risk that you had insured occur.

“Evidence of Coverage”
The “Evidence of Coverage” is a booklet that allows you to cancel the insurance if at all you are not satisfied with the terms of the insurance policy. It is usually emailed to the insured by the insurance company and must be returned within the time stated in the booklet. In order to get adequate cover at the time of signing the contract, always remember to ask for this booklet if it had not been mailed to you.

Once you receive it, ensure that you go through it very carefully before signing it.
The best way to get adequate cover for your international move needs is to choose a company that offers professional services. If you are moving across states, it is essential to look for an insurance company that is well experienced in offering insurance services. This will prevent you from falling victim to companies that offer sub standard services. Visit for more insurance moving tips.

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