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Unpacking Tips

Picture this: You have moved into your new residence and all your belongings are lying packed inside the boxes. You can’t even find out the box of essential items, so you cannot even take out the all important file you need for the meeting! I hope no one ever wants to find themselves in such a messy situation and this means that you unpack all your household items after you reach your new residence. It is not always possible to unpack all your belongings after a day or two of your arrival at the new residence. So what is the way by which one ensures a smooth unpacking without getting lost among the horde of boxes? The following unpacking tips provide you with the answer.

a) Inventory list- This will act as your GPS while locating which box contains what. You have to ensure that you have your inventory list when you arrive at your new residence. So, it is necessary that you have created a list before you did the packing.

b) Unpack the box that contains all the essential items like emergency medicines, files, a few crockery items etc. that would help you get on with your lie for the next two or three days.

c) Next thing that you should unpack would be the items for the kitchen. Yes, you cannot live without helping yourself at the kitchen! Get the crockery items and if you are running short of time then it is better that you unpack the things that you initially require. For instance, you can start with your toaster, coffee maker etc.

d) Now, unpack your bed and don’t forget to get the linens for all the bedrooms. It is suggested that you pack the linens along with the bed, so that you have the least hassle while unpacking and putting it up for a good night’s sleep.

e) It is time for the bathroom items, like the shower curtain, the towels etc. These are the most essential ones and you really cannot do without them even for a single day. So get these unpacked in the beginning.

f) It would be of great help if you can get all your family members into the act of unpacking. Tell your kids to arrange the beds in their bedroom (only if they are old enough to handle furniture!). You can also give them the job to handle the smaller items that does not require a lot of strength to move from one room to another.

g) After the initial days have passed, you can start to unpack the items that are made to decorate the different rooms of your house, the wardrobes and also the tables.

You need to have a proper plan in place before unpacking and do not try to unpack all the items at one go. There are also a few things that you need to keep near you before starting to unpack. You will require a utility knife, plans of the rooms, screwdriver, nails, and hammers. This will help you unpack even in a better way.

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