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Storage Facilities 5 Calamities to Safe Guard Against

Storage facilities are safe keeping stores that are used to store luggage due to various reasons. Items stored in such facilities need to be covered against a number of risks. The following are some of the risks that anyone making use of these facilities should consider
insuring against:

Burglary is a calamity that has a tendency of befalling movers during the moving process. Such a calamity is covered under an insurance policy known as a “Defined Events” policy. When the burglary that you had insured against occurs, you get compensated for the full value of the stolen property. Compensation is usually based on the market value of the property at the time of loss. This is assessed and valued by the insurance company.

Damage from floods
Chances are that your goods might get damaged by floods especially when you are shipping them across states. Due to the high chances of this occurring, most insurance companies offer insurance against this type of risk. This is usually covered in an insurance policy known as an accidental damage policy.

When the damage occurs, the market value of the damaged goods is assessed by experts. Their monetary value is then calculated and compensation given to their owner. Alternatively, the owner may decide to forfeit the damaged goods. In this case, he will receive their full monetary value from the insurance company.

The other type of risk that is covered by storage facilities insurance is fire. This type of risk usually occurs as a result of poor workmanship and handling during the moving process. This causes either total or partial loss to the goods that are being moved. Because of this, most insurance moving companies feel the need to extend their covers in order to incorporate risks such as these.
It is for this reason that policies like indemnity covers and accidental damage policies are given to people that seek to insure their goods against fire.

Storage facilities insurers also offer insurance against “Acts of God”. Such acts include lightning and strikes. These are usually covered in policies like “Defined Events” policies and Indemnity policies. Most of these acts are bound to occur during shipment and international moving processes.

Storms usually occur when your properties are being moved by ship. Such risks are covered in insurance covers like complete value protection covers that are offered by moving companies. They extend to cover properties that are either partially damaged or completely destroyed.
In this case, the insurance company pays for the cost of repairing the damaged properties or for their replacement costs.

Damage by vermin
One calamity that might occur when your items are being shipped is an attack by vermin. This is usually when you are transporting them over long distances. Due to this, most companies offer covers against such types of attack in order to shield their clients against financial losses during the moving process.

For more information about the types of risks that are covered by insurance policies, visit www.moving-insurance.com.